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Weekly newspaper out on Sunday has been printed for the two years 1876 and 1877 and directed by Frederick Fitzroy Hamilton


French edition of the "Giornale di Bordighera" published from 1880 to 1930 approximately


"Il Mattino Illustrato" of 31 july 1904. A policeman  kills his colleagues


"La Tribuna Illustrata" of july 1904. A policeman  kills his colleagues


"Il Secolo Illustrato" Sunday, 22 March 1908 with the funeral ofEdmondo De Amicis


"Le Forze Sanitarie" of 20 November 1934, official organ of the union of fascist doctors, speaks of the Winter gardens


edition of the hundred cities in Italy dedicated to Bordighera


"L'Illustrazione Italiana" of 7 April 1940 with the inauguration of the statue of Queen  Margherita


"La Domenica dell'Agricoltore" of 29 March 1931 with the collection of palms with the shipment to the Vatican for Palm Sunday


the novel by Henry Bogat "Das Skelett von Bordighera" (the skeletal of Bordighera)


strip cartoon of first series of Alan Ford headed "Bordighera o morte"


Peynet card with the inscription "Canta Napoli ..... and vote Bordighera"