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Originally built as a private chapel the Anglican church was built in the garden of Villa Rosa in 1873, from Fanshawe Walker and the late acquired its present appearance. Besides being a place of prayer the church was also a meeting place for the British residents in Bordighera. No more sacred for many years is owned by the Municipality of Bordighera and used as a cultural center for exhibitions, conferences and concerts.

Cristiana Evangelica A.D.I.

The Evangelical Christian ChurchA.D.I., also known as the "Assembly of God in Italy" is in Via Matteotti. These types of churches were raised under the impetus of the movement of evangelical revival. In addition to the functions of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday the church.

Tuesday: 20,30, Thursday: 20,30, Sunday: 10,00

Del Carmine

Disused church, dedicated to Carmine, is located in Piazza Mazzini. Built in late 1700 as a private chapel of the family of Antonio Giribaldi, mayor of Bordighera at the time. It was partially destroyed following the bombing of the Second World War and restored thoroughly. In 1996 the building was declared "Well interest particularly important."

Once a year the day of Madonna of Carmine

Madonna dei fiori

The church of Our Lady of Flowers, located in Pasteur, was built in the'60s. It 'also known for the presence of the Crib poliscenico permanent. The crib, made from Spanish Joan Mari Oliva, playing the major events in the life of Jesus. The figures were entirely recreated in clay and inserted into pictures made of colored chalk and decorated with items made by artisans in Spain.

Holidays: 10.00
Before holidays: 17.00
Madonna della Ruota

The church is situated in the eastern suburbs, in the homonymous village. It was built by the Knights of Rhodes during the founding of Coldirodi. We are in 1400. The church is open to the public on August 5 of each year for the celebration of Holy Mass in what is remembered by popular devotion as Madonna of the Snow.

Ministre della carità

The small church is located in Via Forlì, 7. It is part of the minister of the Sisters of Charity, in recent years not more celebrated Mass. In the side yard is a beautiful exhibition Statue of Padre Pio.

San Bartolomeo

The church was built in fifteenth century in the historic square, opposite the parish of La Maddalena. The celebrity dell'Oratorio is the plaque on the facade shows that in that place the meeting of 1673 with the establishment of the "Magnificent Community of Eight Places." Inside there is a wooden statue depicting processional in 1865 San Bartolomeo, sculpted by Agostino Vignola. The oratory now is open for shows and exhibitions.

San Nicolò

The church of San Nicolo Borghetto, in memory of the patron saint of Bari, was built in the thirteenth century, and has been externally restored and well equipped with 5 new bells going to add another 3 restored. On the facade of the church there is a plaque erected in 1970, the fiftieth anniversary of the meeting occurred within the church when the families of Borghtto that founded Bordighera.

Holidays: 11.00
Weekdays: 18.30
Sant' Ampelio

The church of Sant 'Ampelio was built on the rocks in the ninth century Romanesque style. On there is a statue of the patron saint of the seventeenth century. has had several renovations, the last major in 1884. The remains of the saint were transferred first to Sanremo and then in Genoa in 1258 where returned to Bordighera, by sea, in 1947. The day of the event patron is May 14.

Holidays: 10.00
Sant' Antonio

Is a modern church, located in Roseto street. There are also modern religious paintings and furnishings. Behind the altar ago shows a beautiful stained-glass window designed in the shape of a crucifix.

Holidays: 9.00 - 10.30

Santa Maria Maddalena

I's the parish church of Bordighera high and was founded in the seventeenth century. Is in the Piazza del Popolo and was consecrated in 1617. Raymond James in 1742 brought out the fresco of Mary Magdalene, above the portal of entry and in 1866 the church was decorated with friezes new stucco and gold, thanks to Father Giacomo Viale while the facade was modified in the rococo style 1906. Inside there is a beautiful chandelier, donated by Margherita di Savoia and the relics of Sant 'Ampelio.

Holidays: 8.30 - 11.00 - 18.30
Weekdays: 18.30

Santi Pietro e Paolo

In the hamlet of Sasso is the parish church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and was built in the eighteenth century. 'S is kept in the vault of a fresco painter Maurizio Carrega.

Holidays: 10.30

Santuario di Montenero

The small sanctuary of Montenero was built by Father Giacomo Viale, pastor of Bordighera at Alta, in 1904. Located area on the hill, a volcano dormant for centuries now. From the top you can admire a magnificent panorama.

Holidays: 9.00

It was built by architect Charles Garnier in 1883 after he was tasked by the high priest of Bordighera Father Giacomo Viale. The city was living on the coast and was required a place of worship. Foreign artists have decorated the interior and windows. As parish took the name of the Immaculate Conception.

Holidays: 8.00 - 10.00 - 11.00 - 12.00 - 18.00
Weekdays: 8.00 - 10.00 - 18.00

The land where the church stands today was purchased in 1901 by Moritz von Bernus Frankfurt, the host city's consistent with our other fellow citizens of a German association and was completed in 1904. The intent of the founders was not that of a building reserved for the German Lutheran religion, but open to any religious worship so that was made available to other believers of every nationality and religion.


Holidays: 11,15