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Coming Milan, Turin and Genoa in the direction of Ventimiglia, the barrier of the A10 Savona starts, the Autostrada dei Fiori. Exit of Bordighera. From France exit of Bordighera.


Coming Milan or Genoa in the direction of Ventimiglia with the Aurelia highway 1. Coming Turin with the regional road 20, Colle of Tenda in the direction of Ventimiglia with placing the highway 1 Aurelia Assigned Bordighera. From France, over the border in the direction of Genoa.


Coming Milan and Genoa in the direction of Ventimiglia with stop at the station in Bordighera. Coming Torino possibility of two lines: the Turin-Savona and the Savona-Ventimiglia line or the Turin-Cuneo-Lemon-Ventimiglia Bordighera and stop at the station with town. From France in Ventimiglia any direction in line with Italian stop in Bordighera. The station is right in the city center, with taxi service in the square.


The nearest airports are in Italy in Genoa on Cristoforo Colombo and in France, in Nice on Nice Cote d'Azur. It then reaches in Bordighera highway, road or train as above.

Rome 668 km.
Milan 290 km.
Turin 252 km.
Genoa 168 km.
Sanremo   10 km.
Nice   49 km.
Montecarlo   26 km.